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Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!
Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!

Retail Ready! 6 Pack ORIGAMI Air S + Filters + Champagne Titanium Burrs Grinder Bundle

Color: Matte Pink

BOX TO SHELF READY Complete Air S brewing system

In this bundle, your customers will get a complete system to start brewing!
  • 6 Origami Air S - one color of your choice
  • 6 Origami Resin Holders
  • 6 packs of small Origami conical filters
  • 6 Chestnut C2 in Champagne Gold (Titanium Burrs) - limited time markdown


Portable, shatterproof - this is the perfect brewer from beginner to pro. Don't take my words for it, but National Champions around the world have used this brewer during their routine and yielded excellent results.

With the additional of a manual grinder your customer is now able to take a bag of your beans and bring it anywhere they go: from camping trips, road trip, home brewing to your education lab. Host a manual brewing class to engage in interactive learning without the high cost of multiple electric grinders - the possibility is endless.


Available in small size in bundles of 6, the Air S is made with a styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer that is resistant to boiling water, and therefore dishwasher friendly. The series comes in a variety of translucent and lively colors with a frosted finish. These AS drippers are a representation of the beloved original Origami series but made of shatterproof material. 

The Air S is available in 6 breathtaking colors - the Origami Air S is the perfect companion for your professional brew bars or camping trips. These eye catching drippers are a beautiful addition for your brew bar and a great introduction for your customers to start brewing at home.

Chestnut C2

A lightweight grinder, the Limited Color C2 features 38mm Titanium burrs and simple stepped adjustment that produce excellent grind quality for your pour overs, french presses, cold brews and ice drip at an affordable price.

The Chestnut C2 Titanium Burrs Grinder comes with a stylish pull-string pouch for easy storage. Bring it anywhere you go!

Chestnut C2 Champagne Gold Manual