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The Chestnut X Midnight Black / Safari Green Limited Edition

Color: Midnight Black


Revolutionizing the Manual Grinder

Timemore has upgraded your traditional manual grinder and created a tool that married precision with great design.

Recipient of the 2020 Good Design Award (Japan), The Chestnut X is the result of years of testing and product development. Chestnut X combined the best of the established Chestnut (Winner: 2017 Red Dot Design Award, Berlin)  and Nano line of manual grinders.

The Timemore team understands that archiving grind consistency and precision are the two of the most important factors in brewing a consistent cup of coffee. Through rigorous testing and tasting, the Timemore team has come up with a groundbreaking Spike-to-Cut (S2C) burr design that achieves these goals rarely seen in other manual grinders. The Spike-to-Cut technology also keeps the silverskin, the papery layer sometimes found around a coffee bean, in large pieces after grinding. They then can be sifted out easily. 

Precision Through and Through

Along with the Spike-to-Cut technology, the Chestnut X has a groundbreaking double adjustment dial that enables users to fine tune the grind size with precision and clarity. The numbered dual level dials provide over 120 possible grind settings, allowing users to tune in on a general setting with the primary dial (24 clicks), and then narrow in using a secondary adjustment (one fifth within the primary setting). The dials are so precise and delicate that they’ve been compared to the inner workings of a Swiss watch.

Grinder Adjustment for Chestnut X


Burrs, Reinvented

Quality of the burrs is paramount to grind quality. The S2C burrs are made of high hardness SUS440 carbon stainless steel, which means they are waterproof and have high wear-resistance.


Dual Bearing is used to stabilize the grinder shaft within the housing. Cut by high precision CNC tool out of a single piece of alloy, this high precision single structure body design ensures the concentricity of the grinder - providing stability for the grinding process.

The grinder chamber at the bottom is self-locking with a full range thread alignment, and the squircle body shape makes grabbing and grinding easy on the hands.  

Design for a New Generation of Grinders 

Timemore carried over some of the best elements from the Nano grinder, including the fold-up handle. You can easily store the Chestnut X by folding in the handle, keeping the grinder intact and removing any concerns about lost pieces or spilled grinds.


Chestnut X Retractable Handle


Made Just For You


The Chestnut X is the best tool for obtaining precision brews no matter where your coffee takes you!