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graycano Brewer - 4 pack

Color: black

MAP at 76.5 ea

The Graycano Dripper: Innovation at its finest, Graycano is the first of its kind.

Excellent thermo dynamics perfect for floral and fruit forward coffees using lower range brew temperature

Graycano is not your regular metal dripper. Coated in high technology coating, the graycano dripper offers excellent heat conductivity and retention.  Featuring interior protrusions called Lava Ribs, the graycano dripper promotes even extraction through maintaining water flow and temperature consistency, allowing you to accentuate the floral notes and fruit forward notes yet maintaining a balance cup quality using lower range water temperatures. 



Lava Ribs

One of the main features of the graycano is the Lava Ribs.This intentional design of the Graycano brewer mimics the lava ribs of volcanoes, manipulating variables that are specific in creating a perfect brewing environment.  These lava ribs work to promote even flow as water travels downwards, while ensuring the proper channeling of air through the pockets it created. The design and process creates turbulence and allows for even water distribution throughout the coffee. Especially when used in conjunction with the Sibarist Filters, the graycano dripper is able to create a very high consistency in drainage rate.

Perfect ThermoDynamics for a floral and fruit forward brew

In addition to the Lava Ribs, the graycano features a double-walled design with a conical center and a wrapped exterior. This works to create pockets of air under the cone between the center and exterior, assisting in maintaining a consistent and even temperature throughout the brewing process, and in the recirculation of heat from your fresh brew below. 

As a result of the aluminum metal used, the Graycano dripper is able to quickly reach the target temprature and maintaining it throughout the brewing process.  The graycano is coated with high technology coating - a  food safe and scratch resistant material and promotes a clean taste and does not interfere with the flavor of your coffee. The cast aluminum is an excellent choice for lower temperature brewing, a high heat retention and conductivity promotes a complex brew yet accentuating floral and fruity notes of the coffee.

Socially Responsible

The graycano sleeves are manufactured by FSD Lwerk Berlin Brandenburg, a social handicraft and service company established in 1986, a sponsor of a recognized workshop for people with disabilities.


Champion’s Choice

The graycano brewer was used at National Championships, making it to the World Stage - choice of brewer by the German National Champion Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery and Australian National Champion Martin Woelfl.

Made in Germany

Why do we choose to carry the graycano dripper?


Brew the moment is a lifestyle concept surrounding the graycano concept. It was created based on the concept of “Enjoy the moment”, which consists on the conscious appreciation of individual moments. This is very in tune with Slow Pour Supply’s belief in creating moments of intention for yourself 

“We live on a very fast and hectic world. This makes it even more important to slow down and breathe in. That is exactly where the “Brew the moment” begins. A conscious deceleration of the hustle achieved by brewing and enjoying coffee. To appreciate the coffee and also yourself. To pause for a moment and recharge your batteries. Brew the moment with the graycano and let the world pause for a bit.” - graycano