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Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!
Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!

ORIGAMI Pinot Matcha Flavor Bowl - 6 pack

Color: Dusk - Red

This is a 6 pack listing!


The ORIGAMI Pinot Matcha Flavor Bowl is available in 3 stunning glazes. Made with high density stoneware material "Liston", the Pinot Matcha Flavor Bowl has excellent heat retaining properties.

This Flavor Bowl has a wider circumference, and is a perfectly balanced size to view the beautifully foamed matcha beverage. The Pinot Matcha Bowl is intentionally designed to have a lip to maximize comfort of the drinker. It is also slightly thinner than its body to provide a soothing contact. This thoughtful design, together with its specific size, fits the palm of the hand nicely to provide a soothing sipping experience.

At 6.7oz this is also an excellent tea bowl or drip coffee sipping cup. The wider circumference also makes this Matcha Flavor Bowl the perfect vessel to fill with hot water for your chasen to be soaked and softened before use.

"Liston" is a durable stoneware material able to withstand daily commercial use. Beautifully glaze with warm tones, the ORIGAMI matcha bowl marries the best of matcha tradition and thoughtful design.