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Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!
Welcome to Slow Pour Supply!

ORIGAMI Takaguchi Matcha Bowl - 4 colors / 1 piece

Color: Cloud White

The ORIGAMI matcha bowl is available in 4 stunning glazes. Made with high density clay, the Origami has excellent heat retaining properties. This matcha bowl is part of a collaboration project between ORIGAMI and Satén Japanese Tea. 

The ORIGAMI match bowl has up to 2 cups capacity for light matcha (お薄茶). It can also be used for thicker style matcha. The wide circumference of this matcha bowl is excellent for the micro-foaming process. The texture of the material provides a suitable kneading base for thicker style matcha (Koicha -お濃茶) (for latte and other beverages). 

The special shaped rim is designed to avoid spillage and ergonomic pouring.  This thoughtful design is combined with the use of stoneware material "Liston" that has the strength to withstand commercial use. Beautifully glaze with warm tones, the ORIGAMI matcha bowl marries the best of matcha tradition and thoughtful design. 

Size: 118 x 135 x 80H
Capacity: 540cc
Material: Liston