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We are currently at SCA Expo - our next guarenteed fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo, booth 1936!
We are currently at SCA Expo - our next fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo!

WPM 600cc / 20oz Free Pour Competition Pitcher

Color: Matte White

Revolutionary-smooth foam roll - perfect for any drawing style

The WPM #30 600cc flat top pitcher is a 2022 new release

This pitcher focuses on optimizing the commonly available pitcher design - incorporating new elements to functionally improve the common flat top pitcher.

The spout of this flat top pitcher has been redesigned to provide a flow that benefits mix foam use. Excellent for drawing style, its round-bottom design enables a smooth rollover of foam - and latte artists are able to fully utilize every drop of milk for their pours.

At 600cc / 20oz size - this pitcher is perfect for pouring 10oz combination pour style patterns. The lengthened spout at a carefully designed angle works in tandem with a specially designed spout for a controlled flow.


Volume: 600cc/ 20oz

Color: Coconut white / Matte Black

Angled handle for a natural, pencil-like grip


Are you interested in showcasing your drawing style latte art with this pitcher?

Contact and provide us with your drawing style (combo pour / etched pour) latte art portfolio to work with us on product review and testing. Email to for more details!