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Welcome to Slow Pour Commerce Portal!
Welcome to Slow Pour Commerce Portal!

Orea Sense Cup - 6 pack

6 Orea Sense Cups - please use the link to notify us if you are interested in stocking the Orea Sense Cups

The Orea Ceramic Sense Cup was designed to pair perfectly with the Orea brewer, enhancing perception of aromatics, brightness, and sweetness. The Sense Cup has a capacity of 150ml. The team at Orea has tested dozens of variations in the search for the perfect form.

The wine glass-like body has steep angles that helps collect and concentrate aroma. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this aroma, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palette.

Delightful to hold and optimized for the perfect sensory experience. These beautiful sense cups are extremely enjoyable to drink from. Sip your tea / coffee with the Sense Cup!‍