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We are currently at SCA Expo - our next guarenteed fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo, booth 1936!
We are currently at SCA Expo - our next fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo!

Orea V3 - Large - pack of 4

This is a 4 pack bundle of Orea: one single color base + funnel.

Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. Made from premium plastic for optimal performance and durability resulting in bright brews with incredible clarity of flavor.

Fast flow rate

A faster flow rate gives us a wider range and more versatility. Go from just above espresso ground to coarse ground in one beautiful brewer. This allows you to explore a whole new set of brewing approaches and get more out of any coffee.


The Orea Brewer has a unique ring design and a totally flat bed, which reduces inconsistencies experienced with other flat bed brewers. Because there are less factors at play, you will inherently have more consistent brews. Due to the fact that you don't have a series of small holes that can easily clog, you will get less stalling. Finally, because the bed is totally flat, adding more coffee won't impact flow and consistency.

Superior thermal properties

The chosen material, TROGAMID®, has one of the lowest thermal conductivity rates. It acts as an insulator - which you will notice as you brew. It's so good at insulating (or so bad at heat transfer) that we don't need a handle or a sleeve, because it doesn't get too hot to the touch. This means that the heat and energy remains in the coffee bed while brewing, rather than escaping. This will increase extraction and we find that it brings more sweetness in the cup.

Lightweight & packable

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This brewer is incredibly light, starting at 52g or 66g with the base. It's also really small, taking a lot less volume in a bag than other brewers. It's hard to find anything to match it!

Tough & durable

There is a lot of clever marketing in the coffee brewer world - but you can rest assured that this is not an example of that. We chose this material because it's flexible, impact-resistant, and crack-resistant.

Recycled materials

The V3 Base is made 100% from post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastic in the UK.  Waste was collected before it's ever thrown in the bin, cleaned, sanitized, and shredded into new raw material. This is then re-injected into the beautiful V3 bases in an artisanal process. Your Orea V3 base will be made from rescued bottle caps, takeaway containers, and discarded tupperware. All of this is a true waste-to-treasure journey, not a marketing stunt.