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Promotion: Timemore Slim-S Grinder with Titanium Coated Burrs


Timemore Slim-S Grinder is a solid grinder with great grinding capability. It's shares the same diameter as the nano grinder, but has a longer chamber. It's ergonomically designed handle, along with the wooden magnetic fitting provides a ultra smooth grinding experience. It's 38mm carbon steel burrs are titanium coated for extra durability. The step adjustment mechanism also provides easy navigation.

A Compact, Powerful Manual Grinder

Timemore Slim-S Manual Grinder features an easy grip body. The magnetic wooden fitting is totally detachable, making it even more compact. 

This beautifully designed grinder is a fast worker. It's titanium coated burrs are perfect for brew methods from espresso to french press and ice-drip, and especially shine for manual brewing processes such as pour overs.

At pocket size (3"x 5.5") with a dose size up to 20 grams - this is the perfect on-the-go grinder!