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We started our company back in 2018 by selling milk pitchers. At the time, we distributed WPM pitchers across the country with 3 different sizes and 2 spout shapes. This product line has since grown into 4 sizes (10,15,17, and 22oz) with multiple colors and spout shapes, and with seasonal add-ons.

Great pitchers not only enable the intentional practice of latte art, they also represent a barista's work. Customers tend to be fascinated with the process, and with a great number of colors to choose from, they sure are an eye catcher!

When choosing pitchers for your shop, please take it as a general rule, that

10oz pitchers for <6oz cups

15oz pitchers for 8-10oz cups

17oz pitchers for 10-12oz cups

22oz pitchers for 12+oz cups

Please also consider adding 1-2 different color pitchers to color code for food allergens