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TIMEMORE Black Mirror Nano Coffee Weighing Panel

Color: Black

No need to weigh your options—when it comes to coffee scales, the TIMEMORE Black Mirror Nano Coffee Weighing Panel is the perfect balance of convenience and performance. As any coffee connoisseur will know, introducing a scale into the brewing process is critical for a precise experience. It’s a simple change that instantly takes your coffee to the next level.

Explore the many useful features of this espresso/ pourover coffee scale below!


Compatible as Espresso or Pour-Over

Whether your coffee set-up includes an espresso machine or not, the TIMEMORE scale will fit right in. In espresso mode, your scale will tare automatically when a cup is placed, then detect weight, time, and flow rate as you brew. In pour-over mode, measurements begin when coffee liquid is detected. Either way, enjoy an automated experience tailored to your brewing strategy of choice.



Easily Switch Between Three Brew Modes

Toggle between espresso mode, pour-over mode, and regular mode for a precise experience no matter how you brew your coffee. We know it’s nice to switch up your coffee experience day-to-day, so if you dabble in a variety of brew methods, program the scale accordingly with a simple click of a button. Plus, in any mode, view the real-time flow rate directly on the display screen.


Slanted LED Screen Display

The scale’s LED screen is displayed at an angle, making it easy for baristas to read when placed on a drip tray from their point of view. Thanks to the screen’s backlight, even in bright, direct light, you can read your measurements clearly. You’re welcome, baristas!


High Accuracy and Response Rate

With accurate measurements down to a tenth of a gram, you’ll be able to find your ideal brew and recreate it to perfection. With ultra-granular data, you’ll never have to worry about day-to-day fluctuations or missed measurements.



Minimal, Portable Design

At just 10cm in size—smaller than a typical mobile phone—the TIMEMORE scale is compact, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you travel often, commute to work, or just want the option to drink world-class coffee wherever you go, tuck this scale in your bag at a moment’s notice. It’s even suitable for your next camping trip!



Fast, Long-Lasting USB Charge

With a USB-C charging cable and built-in 900mAh lithium battery, you’ll get more than 15 hours of continuous use. Don’t delay your morning coffee due to a dead battery—trust that your tech has you covered no matter what. The TIMEMORE battery would never let you down!


What’s included?

One Timemore Black Mirror Nano Espresso Scale

USB-C charging cable

Silicone Protection Pad

User Manual


Product Specifications

Weight accuracy/capacity: Min .0.1g  Max. 2000g

Timer capability: 59min 59s

Product Weight: 230g

Storage Temperature: 55°F to 131°F

Use Temperature:

Surface 55°F to 140°F 
With Silicone Protection Pad -4°F to 212°F


Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty