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We are currently at SCA Expo - our next guarenteed fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo, booth 1936!
We are currently at SCA Expo - our next fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo!

Rivers Hiker Mugs in 4 packs - two sizes

You will get 4 packs of the hiker mugs

A lightweight additional to our popular Rivers product series, this Titanium Hiker Mug combines functionality with thoughtful design

High quality titanium was used for the Hiker Mug series - making it possible for them to be ultra lightweight and durable.
SMALL: Weighs only 34g, with 180ml capacity, making it the perfect size for a cup of coffee or light soup. It can also be used as a measuring cup. It's multipurpose function reduces the number of items you need to carry with you on your trip.
MEDIUM: An ideal size (320ml) for drinks, soups, food, and other outdoor activities, serving as a multi-purposed outdoor vessel.
Small footprint, the open handle allows for easy stacking. It can be carried and hang over daisy chains and easily stored.
Outdoor Coffee Bundle
Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in nature!