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We are currently at SCA Expo - our next guarenteed fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo, booth 1936!
We are currently at SCA Expo - our next fulfillment date is 4/17. See you at Expo!
Brew Recipe by Elvira Conty Nieves

Brew Recipe by Elvira Conty Nieves

BREWER: Elvira Conty Nieves (she/her)

@elviraconty @educafecontigo

Born and bred in Puerto Rico, Elvira has always been surrounded by coffee. She grew up learning how to make coffee with her grandma at a young age and scavenging through her great-uncle’s collection of remnants from coffee farms in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. In 2014, her mother took her to the Coffee and Chocolate Expo and she was hooked. Since then she has completed many degrees and certifications through the SCA and other organizations, eventually becoming an instructor herself. As a member of the SCA and Barista Guild, she admits that she lives and breathes coffee! Currently an MBA student in Agricultural Business, her goal is to create more inclusive and accessible education for the Spanish speaking community, especially for Puerto Rico and its coffee producers and agricultural businesses.



Finca San Luis, Colombia, washed with double fermentation
Roasted by Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Sacramento, CA 

The double fermentation process this coffee goes through gives it an intrinsic flavor profile and cherry sweetness right up front, a great and pleasant dark berry acidity, with a milk chocolate finish to the cup. It's a Good Food Award Finalist for 2021.


Small Origami dripper

Conical filter

Gooseneck kettle




Glass decanter/mug (to brew into)



Ratio: 1:16 (20g coffee: 320g water)

Medium Fine (10-12 on a Baratza Encore)

Water Temp: 200 F




Weigh and grind 20 grams of coffee. Grind your coffee at a finer-than-V60 setting. Would recommend whatever your V60 setting is on your grinder, go about two notches finer.


Heat your water to 210F (I go a bit hotter as you will lose heat if you are transferring to another kettle, or if you forgot to grind your coffee and have to wait a few seconds.)


Set your decanter and Origami dripper onto the scale. Fold the ridge/edge of your coffee filter and place into your Origami dripper. Turn on scale and ensure it's tared.

STEP 4: 

Add the 20g of finely ground coffee into your filter. Tare scale again.

STEP 5: 

Grab your gooseneck kettle, start your timer, and pour! :D Pour about 45g of water over the whole coffee bed to ensure it is all saturated. Make sure not to touch the paper filter. Wait 45 secs (Bloom time)


Pour 290g water in a swirl motion in and out from the center - I told a student once who loved baking, "it's like tracing a cinnamon roll!” This should take about 1:35sec


Wait 10 seconds to drain


Finish pouring those last 30 grams of water in 15 seconds. You should aim to be done at minute 2


Finish time for all the coffee to be done extracting is about 3 minutes. Serve in your favorite cup and enjoy! :D 

Flavor Profile: cherry sweetness right up front, a great and pleasant dark berry acidity, with a milk chocolate finish to the cup.


Definitely time and flow control. You don't want to tilt your kettle too much and have too much water flowing over your coffee, causing you to have an under extracted coffee. Time because you want to pace yourself and make it more of a special time for yourself to be one with the coffee that you are brewing... haha! (just kidding) Really because too little time, too weak coffee, too much time, too over extracted coffee. Also, avoid pouring water on the filter, lest it does not come in contact with the coffee.